Solving the Dry Skin Dilemma with Ayurveda

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Solving the Dry Skin Dilemma with Ayurveda

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Dry skin bugging you this winter?  Or been a nagging annoyance for a long while?  You’re not alone.  And there are steps you can take in your daily life to help soothe, and solve the problem.

Ayurveda is awesome.  And that’s probably why you’re here – you connect with its practical nature, and it just seems to makes sense to you.  Of course as imbalances become more and more complex, so does the science.  The key here is to nip little stubborn, uncomfortable problems in the bud, before they become tougher to manage and heal.

Dry skin is one of the first stages of imbalance, and one worth paying attention to, and fixing, before the pathology that causes it goes deeper into your system.  What are your symptoms? Is it truly just dry skin, or are there other subtle things going on?  Have you had extra stress over the last few weeks or months, experiencing some anxiety, constipation, gas, or ringing in the ears?  These symptoms have the same cause as dry skin…and as an Ayurvedic practitioner we’re looking for those kinds of patterns, and then as well as recommending tips to balance the qualities we see, the aim is to also uproot the cause.

Uprooting the Cause

Ayurvedic practitioners are always looking for the cause of disease, and the first plan is to try to uproot it.  This is not always possible, but it will still be helpful to know the cause, in order to know the treatment.  The three main causes of imbalance are time (or season), going against what you know to be best (called pragna paradha), and improper (usually over-) use of the sense organs.

The qualities present in dry skin, and other small complications, which I mentioned, that may go along with it, are mainly dry (of course), light, and rough.  And these qualities tell us that Vata dosha is the culprit.  Though Vata is not necessarily the ‘cause’, Vata is what is increased, due to Vata aggravating qualities in our environment, or in our activities and food choices.

So this is exactly how we can come back into balance.  Add the opposite qualities into our activities and diet (environment is much more difficult to change) and remove those activities with similar qualities to those that are aggravated.

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